Quant Pioneers, Experts and Investors to Discuss Rapid Market Evolution

NEW YORK – The stem cell and regenerative medicine industry is facing a serious funding problem. Just as the first therapies are reaching commercialization, biotechs in phase 2 and 3 are struggling to raise the funds needed to finish their studies.

Over 300 biotechs, pharmas, investors, and suppliers will be meeting in Boston on September 20-21 at the Stem Cells USA and Regenerative Medicine Congress 2012. Key speakers include Todd McAllister, CEO of Cytograft Tissue Engineering, Gary Rabin, CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, Geoff MacKay, CEO of Organogenesis, and Gil Van Bokkelen, Chairman and CEO of Athersys.

This event is designed to help biotechs learn the strategies necessary to raise capital and sustain clinical development through phase 3 and help pharmas identify the most lucrative companies and technologies currently being developed in the space.  Furthermore, this event is co-located with the first-ever World Cord Blood Congress. Participants will learn:

~ How to raise and sustain funding through phase I, II, and III trials

~ How to source the newest and most exciting stem cell technology

~ How to take a product from inception to commercialization

~ How to ensure reimbursement for novel regenerative therapies

To register or learn more visit www.terrapinn.com/stemcellsusa

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