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Film Review: Stem Cell Revolutions

STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS is a new documentary about the burgeoning field of stem cells. Featuring beautiful hand-drawn animations and interviews with leading stem cell scientists, STEM CELL REVOLUTIONS charts the history and scientific evolution of stem cell research – from the earliest experiments that first revealed stem cells in the body, to leading current scientific and clinical developments.

It was very interesting to see how the radiation fallout from Hiroshima indirectly led to the discovery of stem cells. It was also fascinating to view the early successes of stem cells that encouraged both scientists and their students to forge forward with their research.

The ethical debate of stem cells is visited as well with the film discussing embryonic stem cells vs. induced pluripotent stem cells. Also to the filmmakers’ credit, they do not shy away from the negative aspects of stem cell research, in particular, those who are being exploited by untried and untested drugs.

Director/Producer Amy Hardie and Science Producer Dr Clare Blackburn do a great job of taking such a scientific/technical issue as stem cells and making it approachable, entertaining, and easy to follow. The film is a great way to introduce stem cells to non-technical audiences such as teachers and students.

To view the film online please visit http://stemcellrevolutions.com