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Man Cured Of HIV By Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatment for peripheral artery disease

Stem cells taken from placentas are helping people walk again without pain.

HealthFirst reporter Leslie Toldo shows us how this experimental therapy may help millions of people.

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Stem Cell Research Breakthrough

A new technique makes the practice of turning adult skin cells into stem cells much faster and more efficient.

Stem cells used to clear-up clogged arteries

Doctors are using stem cells to create new blood vessels to treat peripheral arterial disease.

Stem Cell-Engineered Windpipe for Cancer Patients

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Doctors in Italy announced they have used patients’ own stem cells to grow trachea tissue that led to seemingly successful transplanted windpipes in two patients diagnosed with trachea cancer.

View from the Top – Kenneth Aldrich, International Stem Cell Corporation

Kenneth Aldrich, Chairman of International Stem Cell Corporation, discusses the next generation of therapeutic stem cells.

Researchers Use Stem Cells From Patients’ Own Eyes to Restore Sight

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Is Stem Cell Research Making Progress?

Three distinguished researchers join NPR host Ira Flatow to discuss the latest adult and embryonic stem cell research news, and explain how the research may be used in humans.

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Stem Cells Could Change Diabetes Treatment

Doctors say stem cell transplants could help people with Type 1 diabetes live insulin-free lives; the stem cells come from the patient’s own body.

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CBR: Umbilical Stem Cell Overview

Cord Blood Registry Launches Industry-Leading Innovations for Newborn Stem Cell Collection

New Collection System Offers Parents Opportunity to Preserve a Greater Number and Diversity of Their Newborn’s Umbilical Cord Stem Cells for More Potential Therapeutic Uses

Cord Blood Registry (CBR), the global leader in the collection and preservation of newborn stem cells from the umbilical cord, announced today the launch of its new stem cell collection system that saves a greater number and diversity of a newborn’s stem cells – from both the blood in the umbilical cord and the cord tissue itself – for a wider range of potential therapeutic uses.

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