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TAP Launches Unique Automated Stem Cell Picker at Stem Cells World Congress To Help Researchers Rapidly Select Stem Cells of Consistent Quality

SOURCE: The Automation Partnership

CAMBRIDGE, England, Jan 20, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The Automation Partnership (TAP), a world leading supplier of innovative automation for life science today announced CellCelector(TM), the world’s first commercial automated stem cell picker is on show at the Stem Cells World Congress in Palm Springs, USA.

CellCelector consists of an inverted Olympus microscope, robotic arm and liquid handling station all fully integrated to powerful image acquisition and analysis software. This walk away system allows researchers to set parameters for cell or colony types they want (including size, proximity to other colonies or roundness). The picking tool on the robotic arm gently picks and dispenses cells into a microplate well in just 30 seconds. CellCelector benefits researchers by reducing the time and effort required for this challenging task and assuring the cells chosen are of consistent quality.

CellCelector can fit into any standard laminar flow hood, thus ensuring cells remain contamination free. The system can also be fitted with an autoclave compatible metal tool for scraping adherent cells or a disposable glass capillary for picking single cells, both of which are designed with features for maintaining cell integrity and viability.

CellCelector, developed by German cell biology automation specialists, Aviso is being successfully used in prestigious universities and institutes across Europe with murine and human stem cells. The system, now available in the USA and Canada, exclusively from TAP will also be shown on Booth 437, LabAutomation 2009, Palm Springs, USA.

David Newble, TAP’s CEO Designate, states: “TAP has been renowned for supplying automated cell culture technology for 20 years. We are excited to be partnering with Aviso to continue expanding TAP’s expertise into stem cell applications. The Aviso CellCelector complements our automated cell culture products, such as CompacT SelecT and like them, CellCelector will ensure researchers can increase throughput and improve the quality of their stem cells.”

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